Kimberley’s Blog: Hello from Thailand

Sawadee team,

I am writing this sitting on the balcony looking out over the infinity pool and out to the harbour. Thailand is beautiful and unique, a hub of activity and loads of fun.

How can it not be? With 300 kiwis on a charted flight with Grabaseat direct in to Phuket, pool parties, beach parties and a beautiful resort – the perfect recipe for a good time.

The two highlights so far would be the pool party and our trip to Phi Phi Island.

The pool party was a great way to kick things off; ZM’s DJ General Lee and Tim Phin had everyone dancing in to the early hours of the evening as the sunset on night one. It was so much fun, everyone was in good spirits and meeting new people.

The other highlight was our trip yesterday to the Phi Phi islands. I felt like we had teleported in to someone’s screen saver image. It was stunning. Besides the epic scenery we were also able to get close to the monkeys, who were probably more interested to know if we had food, but they entertained us for a while, trying to get close to us with out falling in to the clear water. I had never seen monkeys in their natural habitat before, they were very playful and energetic, I loved it!

While we are here in Thailand the cast of Auckland Daze and I are filming the worlds first instagramisodes – to bridge season one to season two that will premiere in the coming months on TV1. To follow the story follow AKLDZE on instagram.

In exciting news the latest video from Dustin Tavella #everybodyknows is out and I have a cameo, see if you can spot it!




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