Kimberley’s Blog: Happy New Year

“The best way to predict your future is to create it”

Create is the theme of the month on and we encourage you to get creative with your life and your goals to ensure that 2014 is your best and most exciting year to date.

Every year on the 1st of January my family do our goal setting for the year ahead. It is a great way to check in with each other and share what we want to achieve in the coming year. I am a big believer in letting those closest to you in on what you are wanting to achieve so they can support you and you can support them and offer encouragement and advice where needed.

I have loved spending time on the Coromandel these past few days with my family. The highlight was our 50m water slide from our deck in to the creek, it provided hours of fun for not only our family but for our neighbours as well.

Before I head back to filming I am spending a few days overseas taking some time to relax and prepare for the year ahead. Looking forward to 2014 being full of adventure and excitement and finding balance in each day.

Sending you all love and light and happy New Year!

Kimberley xx



Sophie Barker

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