Kimberley’s Blog: Happenings in LA

Hey team,

It has been another epic week. Kicking off with interviewing the talented Demi Lovato about her new album, due out May 15. She was lovely and I am looking forward to you all seeing our interview on The Erin Simpson Show in a few weeks.

On Saturday night a good friend hosted a small group of people to watch a performance by one of the violinists from the Philharmonic Orchestra play. It was very inspiring and with a small announcement he invited some of the members of the audience who were dancers to get up and interpretive dance to the amazing music. Check out this short clip of the very talented Harry Shum Jr showing off his skills.

Sunday morning we attended the ANZAC service in LA. It was great to meet so many Australians and Kiwis who are based here and have a BBQ afterwards. I even got my hands on a flat white!! I have been missing good coffee so I probably over indulged slightly!

Most of the afternoon yesterday was spent in the sunshine listening to my very talented friends play and create music, such a wonderful skill and a process that I love watching. We wrapped up the evening with dinner at a fabulous Italian restaurant; perhaps the best I have been too and I love Italian dining so that is saying a lot.

All in all a great week filled with inspiration and creativity. Feeling ready to take on the week with my added creative flair.

Lots of love

Kimberley xx



Kimberley Crossman

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