Kimberley’s Blog: Giveback & Anzac Day

Hey Team,

Happy ANZAC Day. I hope you all have made time today to give thanks to those who went before us and gave up their freedom so we can have ours. Forever grateful!

This week has been an exciting one. I felt like last week I felt like a crazy lady with too many to-do lists and little time spent crossing anything off them. This week felt like seeds were planted and new ideas and projects have come up and I am in a much better place to think and breathe. My room is also clean which is a huge tell for how well I am actually doing in life at any given point.

Katie and I are busy working on our pilot for our show. After weeks of banging our heads against the wall we have finally made some great strides forward.  I also filmed another scene with Kerry Rhodes and our acting teacher Sara Mornell directed us. She is a phenomenal Director and pushes us and the comedy of each scene, which I love.

I also shot another Funny or Die scene about bad pick up lines and have a scheduled shoot with UPROXX next week. Lots of funny coming your way!

Since we launched Action Makes Change I have been making an effort to do small things every day that will make positive change to someone’s life. Katie and I came up with an idea to make care packages for the homeless in our area. With food, a card, toothbrush, gum, sanitiser, chapstick etc. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to make a huge difference – this is a great way.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Kimberley xx



Kimberley Crossman

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