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Hey team, “There are miracles in the detours”. Probably the best piece of advice I was given this week. Sometimes we have a plan, an idea, a hope of how things are going to go and more often than not they don’t go that way at all.

Learning to look at bumps in our perfect road as opportunities not obstacles is something I am working on being better at.

Detours are never comfortable or quick but they do teach us valuable lessons and we often have to find strength and in finding strength we grow and we should all want growth and change always, as uncomfortable as it may seem.

I was planning to come home to New Zealand this week to be on the ground for the 40 Hour Famine and to have some much-needed family time. However as I was packing my suitcase I got a call to say I had booked a role on Young and Hungry on ABC Family. These calls as an actor are the best ones to get. I had my first table read for the show this morning and am looking forward to rehearsing and filming in front of a live audience next week. This will be the first live taping of a show I have done.

Isn’t is ironic that the week I will be filming Young and Hungry I will be doing the 40 Hour Famine, so I will literally be Young(ish) and (very) Hungry! If you haven’t joined the famine yet please do, or support a friend by sponsoring them! #teamred Make sure you follow worldvisionnz on snapchat – Jamie and I wil be taking over next week!

Have a great weekend and enjoy your detours.
Kimberley xx



Kimberley Crossman

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