Kimberley’s Blog: Cheetahs & 1/2 b’days

What an epic week I have had. I kicked it off with a walk around Auckland Zoo with a cheetah. I was going to try and play it cool, but honestly this is a dream come true.

I am a huge cat fan and to get to walk, touch and hang out for a few hours with not one, but two of these majestic creatures was so exciting! I literally did not sleep the night before. It was all to help me prepare for my latest role, taking it above and beyond to get in to character.

I celebrated my ½ birthday, which has become a tradition in my household. And a tradition that only I indulge in but my mother always makes a fuss over and makes me feel special. You are only as old as you feel I keep reminding myself.

I had a couple of auditions this week that required a bit of a hair change and an attitude adjustment which is always fun – I think that is the best part about what I do. Every day is different and has new challenges.

Wrapping up the week in the best way possible was a family dinner with a new addition to the family, my brand new pink surfboard. Who yes joined us at the table thanks to the humour of my step dad! I love it!

Looking forward to a wonderful weekend and then on Monday launching Action Makes Change!

Have a great weekend team,

Kimberley xx



Kimberley Crossman

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