Kimberley’s Blog: Back in Kiwi land

Hey team,

I think the word ‘marvelous’ best describes my weekend.

It was action packed and full of excitement. I flew in from Los Angeles on Thursday in secret to surprise my family who were under the impression I was heading to an audition in LA when I arrived on the doorstep first thing in the morning. I managed to film my mum’s reaction which was pretty classic. Check out the video on my Facebook page or Instagram.

I spent two nights this past weekend at Vector Arena, for Jason Derulo and John Mayer’s concerts. Both were world class and very enjoyable. Although very different, both epic in their own ways. I didn’t sit down once in either show, something I realised after leaving both concerts with very sore feet, a sign of a great night.

One of the stand out moments from the weekend would have to be my day at the V8’s with my step dad. He is a car enthusiast and I have a bit of knowledge of the sport but was not sure what to expect from a day at the track. I had such a great day and definitely consider myself a motorsport fan for sure.

Looking to the week ahead, I am spending most of the week in meetings and prepping for some new projects and spending most of my free time listening to Ed Sheeran in anticipation for his show on Wednesday night, who else will be heading along?





Kimberley Crossman

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