Kimberley’s Blog: Austin & Confidence

Hey team,

Confidence is key. That is the token that I was reminded of this week for sure. And, what you project, you receive back.

Being aware of the energy and the vibe that you are putting out to the world is so vital. If you are only giving off a negative, angry bitter vibe then expect that to be mirrored back at you. Gratitude is key in switching your energy from negative to positive. This past weekend I felt an abundance of gratitude and in return I was rewarded with a pretty amazing experience.

Austin is where we spent last weekend. The Circuit of the Americas to be more specific at the MotoGP! I am a big motor sport fan but I still have got a lot to learn with the bikes, my knowledge is more based around F1 and GP2 as my family are huge Mitch Evans fans.

Katie and I joined her family at the event and had no expectations beyond knowing it would be a fun a different way to spend a weekend. Whist walking around we happened upon a great guy who unbeknown to us was part of the Moto2 teams. Next thing we know we are in a team uniform, on the track and on comms and we got to spend the day in the pits – money can’t buy experience that was beyond words in terms of awesomeness. I put it down to confidence and willingness to roll with the punches and being open to receive good and fun experiences always. It really was an unexpected adventure and that is something I am trying to be better at. Not being so focused on having a plan and being better and just being free and open to have things happen and adventures blossom.

I find when ever I am not feeling confident I really am a lesser version of myself, I take less risks, I let doubt creep in and other thoughts that don’t serve me. When I feel this way I find laughter is one of the most efficient ways along with gratitude to help pull me out of a funk. Cat videos are like gold to me. Find something that quickly triggers joy that you have as a little token so when you are not feeling 100% confident you have something to help get you there.

As soon as I landed back in LA. we were back in the studio recapping this past weeks SNL episode where they really focussed on Hillary Clinton!

I am loving working with AfterBuzz TV and looking forward to the next episode on May 2nd.

Have a great weekend team!

Kimberley xx



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