Kimberley’s Blog: All go in kiwi land

Hey team,

Glad to be back filming and have almost made a full recovery after being knocked pretty bad by the flu last week.

I have been busy learning auditions for a few new shows launching in 2014 and also helping pre production on the Auckland Daze Halloween special episode which is filming at my family home over the week.

One of the auditions I did this week required a British accent. I have spent most of the past two years working hard to perfect my American accent so I felt more than a little rusty when I was reading the script. I worked hard with Cameron Rhodes, one of New Zealand’s most respected actors and master of voice to really make sure I was spot on.

The highlight of the week would have to be seeing the One Direction concert and catching up with the boys. It was so cool to see the arena packed on both nights and so many happy fans enjoying every moment. They sounded great and kept everyone entertained with their commentary. I still haven’t got my voice back from singing so loud and I am sure there are a lot of others in the same position today.


This week I am filming for Auckland Daze, we are shooting a Halloween special that will be available on Halloween night for you all to see.


Have a great week.


Kimberley xx



Kimberley Crossman

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