Kimberley’s Blog: Action packed few days

Hey team,

Did you all catch Jono and Ben last night? I had such a blast teaching the boys their dance for New Zealand’s Got Talent!!!

The past few days have been action packed with meetings, auditions and activities based around the reveal of my #SecretProject on MONDAY!!! Are you excited?? I cannot wait!

I had a very cool photo shoot yesterday – I wore some pretty spectacular dresses and I even got to drive a golf cart around. I love driving them, it kind of feels like you are a kid again!

The highlight of my day yesterday would have to be meeting the very talented and inspiring Timomatic. We spent almost an hour chatting about his new album and his positive outlook on life, himself and his future. I will write up the interview today and post it for you all to have a look!


What are your weekend plans?


Kimberley xx



Kimberley Crossman

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