Kimberley’s Blog: Back in Kiwiland

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Just a quick update! I’m back in NZ and couldn’t be happier. I flew back with only a day’s notice and hit the ground running in Auckland with a big call back for an exciting role.

Once all my work commitments were done it didn’t take me long to jump in a car and head to the beach. I feel like every time I’m away from NZ the first thing I do when I am back is get in the water. I’m definitely getting better at surfing and skating and hope to be much better by the end of summer. It’s a good challenge for me and forces me outside of my comfort zone which if you haven’t noticed is quickly becoming my favourite thing to do.

Australia will be my base for the next few weeks as I will be visiting my Dad up in Port Douglas and filming a cool project in Sydney. I haven’t worked before in Australia so I’m really excited about it. I love Sydney and have a few friends based there, so stoked to head that way before Christmas.

As the year is winding down I encourage you to really make the most of this month. It is easy to just tap out but there is still lots of time to achieve those last few goals on your bucket list or set aside time to give your time to others. Being the festive season, make sure you don’t get caught up in the chaos. Remember this season is about giving to others and that can be with time or energy too!

Looking forward to updating you on my Australian adventures

Lots of love, Kimberley xx



Kimberley Crossman

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