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The best advice I have been given of late is to “be where your feet are” and I most definitely did that this past week. My dad lives in Far North Queensland in one of the most magical places in the world, Port Douglas. Where the Rainforest meets the Great Barrier Reef. I feel undeservingly lucky to be able to visit there each year to spend time gallivanting around various amazing activities in one of the most spectacular landscapes there is.

My best friend Albie and I packed in more fun in the four days we were there than we originally thought possible. We joined the team on Poseidon and headed out to the Great Barrier Reef to try our hand at diving. As soon as we reached our destination we were greeted with some curious reef sharks. Incase you didn’t know I have a rather large obsession with Sharks so I was one of the first to get in the water! This was my second ever dive and I felt so much more comfortable with my breathing. The next step is to get my license so I can explore the reef even more next year!

The highlight of the trip, besides spending time with family and my best friend would have to be my trip to Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas. We got to go behind the scenes and meet some of the animals and learn about what’s involved in taking care of so many interesting and adorable creatures. The staff here are really passionate about the animals and rehabilitating abandoned animals too. Needless to say I didn’t want to leave after making friends with a snake and a bird called Christmas who smelt like mangos! If you are heading to Port you must stop in and check it out!

I really made an effort while I was away to be present and keep my mind and thoughts with me in the moment. Try to apply this token over the next few weeks, especially over the festive season when there are so many opportunities to create great memories.

I am back in New Zealand and about to start work on a new project for Australia actually and have some big auditions that require me to be working over time on a few specific accents. Excited to get stuck in!

Enjoy the rest of your week team!

Kimberley xx



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