How to make the most of winter

I get so ridiculously excited when June hits every year. Actually, scratch that, I get really excited as soon as the first ‘cold’ day hits the country. Picture this: it’s been a long, hot, Kiwi summer. You can’t go five minutes of being outside without sweating. You’re back at work so the beach is all but a distant dream. The sun literally burns your skin as you drive.

Yeah, okay. I know we love our summer but at some point, we just need that cooler weather to hit us. I do admit I’m biased – I’m more of a winter gal than a summer fan but that’s because I’m a fan of wearing layers and not sweating while I do mundane activities like walk to work.

Admittedly, this winter seems to be hitting me the hardest. I’m not as joyful as I have been in the past. Is it mercury retrograde? Is Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)? Am I finally over the winter bugs making my body their temporary home this season? Could be, could be.

But I’m not ready to give up this winter love affair just yet. Here’s a list of ideas I’m going to try to combat the winter blues. Hope they help you too. And if not? August is only a few weeks away…

  1. Build a fort – as in like the ones we used to hang out in as kids. Add fairylights, lots of pillows and blankets and it’s going to start to feel like one big, giant, hug!
  2. Eat loads of ‘in season’ fruits and veggies – BRB, hoarding all the sweet potatoes. No, seriously, there are so many hearty winter fruits and veggies. They’re here for a good time, not a long time so take advantage!
  3. WINE. No explanation needed. It’s hot, it’s flavourful, it tastes like Christmas. It’s wine.
  4. Wear the most dramatic layers – This is the perfect season for dramatic clothes! Forget ‘less is more’, this season literally calls for more layers! Wear big sleeves and long coats, flared pants, oversized scarves. Stay warm. Look cute!
  5. Host a games night – I’m talking the game night to end all game nights! Winter may be a time for hibernation (seriously – who wants to be out and about at midnight on a Saturday when it’s freezing out there? Or maybe I’m just old now? Idk.) but that doesn’t mean you have to hibernate alone! Gather your friends and get the games out. Scrabble, monopoly, cards against humanity… games night are a test of friendship and a nice, low cost activity while you’re saving up for your island vacay!
  6. Get through your reading list – get books out from the library, get into pjs and a fluffy robe, pour yourself a drink (refer to #3 on this list), and hide undercovers with a good book. This is peak #liveyourbestlife. Promise.
  7. That fluffy robe life – while we’re at it… can we just take a moment to appreciate the fluffy robe? It’s the star of the season. Wearing it after a long day of being out is the highlight of my daily life. Summer pjs just don’t compare.
  8. Jot it down – ever wanted to get back into writing or keeping a journal? What about a list of daily gratitudes? Winter is the perfect season to get started on that! Hot tip: take 30 minutes each night and do a free writing exercise. Just sit there and write whatever comes to mind. No plans, no expectations. You’ll be surprised at what comes out and how therapeutic it is! Bonus points: a clear mind = better sleep!

Happy winter and stay warm out there!