Makeup Techniques For Your Eye Shape!

Which eye shadows should you be using? Applying makeup isn’t just about following the latest trends; you need to be able to understand your eye shape too.


Deep-set eyes are usually set further into your skull, thus creating the illusion of a more prominent brow bone. When it comes to selecting eye shadow, keep your look simple. Cover your eyelid with a light shadow and outline your lash lines with pencil eyeliner. Do not bring the eye shadow into your brow bone or crease; the structure of a deep-set eye already creates a natural shadow.

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If the distance between the bridge of your nose and tear ducts is shorter than the width of one eye you will have close set eyes.

Add a light eye shadow to the inner corners of your eyes, line the rest of your lash lines with a kohl liner but keep your tear ducts free from any black smudges. Your goal is to create the illusion of more space; frosty whites or sparkling nudes will do wonders for your eye. Concentrate on blending darker colours on the outer corners.

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If you have downturned eyes the outer corners of your eye will droop slightly down. Using a black or dark brown liquid liner, apply the product along the top lid and extend outward and upward to create a cat eye. Blend darker shadows at the outer corners of your eye. Draw attention to the inner corners by placing a light shade in your inner corners.

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Hooded eyes tend to make the eyelid appear smaller, your aim will be to intensify and enlarge your eye shape. Often known as “bedroom eyes”, the lids tend to look heavy and partly closed.

  • Avoid using dark shadows over the entire lid, because it can make your eyes appear heavier and smaller. Adding false lashes is a great idea; if you have hooded eyes your lash line is likely to disappear under the folded lid, false eyelashes will intensify and add extra volume. Highlighting the brow bone too much can accentuate the hooded appearance.

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If the skin between your brow bone and lash line is smooth with a minimal crease, your goal will be to add definition in the place where a crease should be. Begin by curling your lashes and shade the darkest colours closest to your lash line. Place a soft neutral hue in the middle and a highlight at the brow bone.

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