Kimberley’s Blog: Time to prioritize

Hey team,

Welcome to June! Our focus at for June is all on prioritizing “To change your life, you need to change you priorities.”

I personally struggle when I am really busy to make sure that I am using my down time effectively. Most of the time, when I am busy, I am tired and end up using my time in ways that don’t serve me. So this June, I am going to change it up and really focus on what is important to me, and making sure I make time to do the things I enjoy, with the people I enjoy. I am guilty of giving too much of my time to those who are not necessarily top of my priority list and less time to my family or closest friends who are always there for me. Also putting myself on my priority list too is something I want to work on this month, scheduling time to just chill out, or time to exercise!

I kicked off my new mindset this past weekend, spending some quality time with my parents at our beach house and surfing, having dinner with friends, an early night and filming. So feeling like I am off to a good start and feeling more balanced already. Trying to find balance in every day and not stressing or worrying about things that just doesn’t matter.

I hope some of you are keen to join me on my mission for June and are looking forward to making it a great month!

Lots of love

Kimberley xx



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