Skin: Summer Complexion

We all want to get that summer glow – but without the summer burn! Sunbaking is so yesterday. With skin cancer a very real threat, staying smart in the sun is the real trend. But that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to that sunkissed look!

Here are a few beauty tips to keep you looking great without risking your health!


Add sunscreen to your everyday beauty routine. NIVEA has a great ‘Light Feel Every Day Sun Lotion’ that feels just like a daily moisturiser. Keep a bottle in your beach bag so you never forget.


Have some fun with fake tan. There are now several products on the market that give you a fresh, sunkissed glow – no orange streaking, no bad smell! Try new Garnier Ambre Solaire Velvet-Touch Natural Bronzer Gel.


Get involved in spreading the Sun Smart message amongst your friends. It’s much easier to remember to keep safe in the sun if everyone is on board! And you can all enjoy having a burn-free summer!




Jess O'Connor

A self-described ‘creative bookworm with an overactive imagination’, Jess is a freelance writer based in Auckland. She loves reading, writing, travelling, cooking and lazy days at the beach.