Natural Summer Makeup

Update your beauty regime to suit the season with this natural makeup tutorial. The key look for Summer is simplicity and your makeup should only enhance your natural beauty.

Give your skin a healthy glow with these tips and tricks!


This product is used to prepare your skin for makeup application and it will make your products last for a longer period of time. There are all kinds of primers out there and my favourite types are colour-correcting primers as they are great for balancing out your skin tone! Apply with your fingertips, a brush or sponge.


BB Creams are great for Summer as they give awesome coverage whilst appearing extremely natural. Start by applying your foundation in the centre of your face and work the product down your neck and into your hairline.


Use your concealer to cover redness, blemishes or dark circles. Make sure you blend this product into your foundation, choosing not to do this you can actually highlight your problem areas.


Choose a liquid highlighter and place it in the centre of your forehead, chin and under your eyes in a triangle formation. Blend this into your foundation until it gives you a subtle glow. Next, using a small brush gently pat a translucent mineral powder onto your eyelids, around the base of your nose, under your eyes and down the side of your nose, cheeks and chin.

Choose a matte bronzer and place the product in a formation of a 3 around your face e.g. the sides of your forehead, under your cheekbones and chin.


Your eyebrows are extremely important as they frame your face. Using a brow brush place a matching matte eye shadow and brush lightly onto the hairs, you can even use a clear mascara to keep your brows in place. Next, use a lengthening mascara to ensure your lashes don’t clump. Opt for subtle eye shadow colours such as beige, champagne and dark brown. A little bit of eyeliner will also help to define your eyes!


Add a little highlighter to the bow and the centre of your bottom lip to add fullness. Blend it in and add a subtle pink lip stain or balm on top.



Sophie Barker

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