Yummy nutritious breakfast ideas

Are you eating the right foods for breakfast? Your morning meal is very important as it sets you up with energy to face the first part of the day. I find I am irritable or grumpy if I start the day with an unhealthy breakfast!

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Here are some of my favourite, nutritious breakfast ideas.


When I am on the run, I love to throw together a fresh fruit and yoghurt smoothie. Not only does this help me get my 5+ a day, it also tastes delicious! Sometimes I add a weetbix or some oats if I am looking for extra energy.


Some cereals are very high in refined sugars, which can enter your bloodstream too quickly and leave you feeling hungry an hour later. Oats on the other hand provide long-lasting energy. I enjoy porridge with a dollop of Greek yoghurt and honey, sprinkled with blueberries. Another option is muesli, preferably natural and untoasted (toasted versions can be high in fat and sugar).


Wholegrain toast is a great way to start the day, but spreading it with lashings of chocolate or butter may counteract the goodness.

Instead why not enjoy two eggs – eggs are a good source of protein and energy. If you do not like them, avocado and tomato are equally delicious, especially with some cracked pepper and salt.



Jess O'Connor

A self-described ‘creative bookworm with an overactive imagination’, Jess is a freelance writer based in Auckland. She loves reading, writing, travelling, cooking and lazy days at the beach.