Perfect Your Makeup: Beauty Tips Part II

Perfect Your Makeup: Beauty Tips Part II

There is a lot to learn when it comes to applying makeup. Whether you are an expert or a beginner, these useful tips will help you to execute the perfect makeup look!


A peach-coloured concealer under your eyes will illuminate and highlight, making your eyes appear brighter. This will also help to combat any dark circles. Because the skin under your eye is quite delicate, simply pat the product on lightly. Finish by setting the makeup with a powder


To achieve perfect skin, use a foundation stick. Apply moisturizer and draw thick lines with your foundation stick down your cheekbones, nose and forehead and blend. Blot away any shine on the side of your nose with powder to avoid the appearance of an oily complexion. Dab concealer on any problem areas for extra coverage. Focus on balancing your t-zone, as this is where oil is likely to appear.


Make sure you have reduced any redness in your skin before applying blush, if you haven’t, the blush will only highlight your redness. Place a cream blush to the apples of your cheeks and blend upward towards the back of your hairline.


A bold red pout is an essential part of any girl’s makeup regime. Choose a matching lip liner to your chosen shade and smile a little as you apply. This will ensure your liner goes on smoother. Take a lip brush and fill inside the outline. If you make a mistake dab a bit of concealer on another brush to erase the stain. If you don’t want your lip colour to look too dramatic, apply with an eye shadow brush for a softer appearance.


Apply bronzer in a triangle formation under your cheeks for a natural glow. Outline a triangle under the base of your cheekbone that points towards your jaw line and buff the bronzer into your skin. Make sure you blend the product so you can’t see any lines. Sweep bronzer across your temples and along the side of your face in a ‘C’ Formation. Keep any product away from the middle of your face.


Use a small, straight brow brush to fill in your arches. Use feather like strokes to perfect natural but filled looking brows. Try to avoid getting brow powder on your skin. You can also comb your brows with a clean mascara wand or a spoolie brush. Finish the look by placing a shimmery highlighter just below your brow bone.


Instead of using a black eye liner use an ashy brown colour. This shade compliments all eye colours and shapes. Black can appear quite harsh where as brown naturally contours your gorgeous features. Use an eye primer and bronze and gold shadows to add dimension. Place a translucent powder overtop to keep the products in place.


Take a light nude pencil and colour in the area just below your cupids bow on your upper and bottom lip. Next, choose a nude lip colour that is slightly darker on the rest of your lips. Fill the rest of your lips with this colour also. Pat the edges of the highlighted sections into the darker shade; make sure you don’t have any visible lines. Finish with a lip balm.

I hope these tips have helped, if you have any beauty related questions don’t hesitate to send them through!



Sophie Barker

Sophie Barker

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