The action plan to make 2019 your best year still!

Your mission: make 2019 the best year yet.

Sounds like ‘mission, impossible’ given that we’ve only got a few months left for the year? Don’t fret! We say there’s still time. There’s always time. 

At the very least, even if you don’t quite achieve everything you set out to this year, you’ll have a clear action plan of how to make 2020 the year of your dreams coming true so come January 1, you’re all good to go. 

Feel free to save these on your phone, copy + paste in your diary, or just fill them out as you please. This is YOUR guide, after all!

Think about everything you want to do, list them down and prioritise. What’s the most important thing in this list? 

How does it feel? Who is with you? I truly believe in the power of visualisation and how much it can help motivate us to get things done. So spend some time doing this, do it often, do it when you’re feeling overwhelmed. You’re working towards a goal because you believe in how good it will feel when you achieve it. Feel it now 

It’s time to get real honest with yourself. Hard as it is to admit, sometimes the only thing standing in our way is us. I get it, though, it’s easier to list the many reasons why something wouldn’t work. As humans, our default setting is to protect ourselves fro harm and that includes the feeling of failure. So, what’s stopping you now and why do you think it stops you?

Ah, the big question. The mothership. Now that you know what’s stopping you, how are you going to ensure that it doesn’t stand in your way anymore? This is a difficult, confronting question but the sooner you identify this, the smoother and more enjoyable the path becomes. 

From the mundane to the big things, tackle it all a step at a time. The little things will add up so don’t underestimate those little things you can do everyday to inch you closer to the goal. 

Is it an online course you can take every week to upskill yourself? Is it a mentor? Help from a friend? Make a list of everything you need to make things happen so you know where to begin.

Sometimes success is in the little things. Make sure you’re clear on what success means to you and how it looks like. And in the next couple of months when you start to feel overwhelmed and just want to throw the towel in, go back to this. You’ll smash it! We believe in you.