Motivate Me: Challenge Yourself!

By challenging yourself you usually surpass your own expectations and in the process develop a newfound sense of being. There is a great power in setting challenges for yourself and every time you step out of your comfort zone you are beginning a new personal journey.

How to challenge yourself on a regular basis:

Find alternate means of communication

Instead of texting your friends why not send a letter or call them? You are bound to make their day!

Go for a morning walk or run

I know it sounds hard but doing exercise in the morning will boost your metabolism and energy! Getting out of bed is the hard part but once you’re up you are guaranteed to feel happier and de-stressed.

Go to the cinema by yourself

If your constantly organizing group activities you might need some alone time.

At the end of the day you are your own best friend, so why not take some time out and relax? It might seem daunting but when the movie starts rolling you will be glad you are there without any distractions.

Pay it forward

This one is easy, next time you see a busker why not stop to listen to their performance and give them some change? Or volunteer at a homeless or animal shelter? Believe it or not your kindness is incredibly important, a little gesture can mean the world to someone.

Do what scares you

For example if you’re scared of talking to new people, make it your mission to go out of your way to make new friends. Attend an art class or start a new hobby. Meeting people will give you a great confidence boost.

Remember if you’re not nervous you won’t be pushing your boundaries!



Sophie Barker

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