Nail Update from Leah Light

I have a very exciting job as a Celebrity Nail Stylist, not only am I the official stylist for our one and only amazing Kimberley Crossman but I also look after all the national and international celebrities that come into New Zealand that want their nails pimped out!

I have done nails for people like… Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Cher Lloyd, Eva Longoria, Lorde, Rita Ora and many many more.

At the moment I am working with some awesome television shows and for one in particular I am getting to create new looks every week …. One of the shows I am talking about is New Zealand’s Got Talent!! Have you been watching??

Well if you have, you may have noticed all the different nail looks I have been creating for Rachel Hunter…. Here are just three of the looks have done so far. Comment below with your favourite looks I have done so far and maybe you can make some suggestions for Rachel’s nails for the grand final ?!!

To see more of the nails I have done check out my Website, Facebook and Instagram accounts.


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Hazel is always immersed in the entertainment world - from tour managing boybands to contributing on KCDC to working on massive events and interviewing international talent.