Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Fear of the unknown and our thirst for approval can often hold us back. Don’t be scared of messing up, after all making mistakes are how we learn. Living within your comfort zone is easy but it isn’t really living, facing your fears could turn into your biggest and best adventure. Let go of social judgment, it is the perfect time to push past your limits!

In order to grow we need to experience some discomfort. Trying new things can be scary but you are never going to learn unless you push the boundaries.

Here are some ways to break out of your comfort zone:

  1. Check out a new restaurant or take a different route to university or school, find a way to do your daily activities differently. Start by taking small steps, this way you are more likely to succeed. Each step will bring you closer to your end goal.
  1. Kickstart your journey by trusting your own instincts. Sometimes a snap decision is vital to get things moving but don’t become reckless with your ideas. Observe every situation and the possible outcomes.
  1. Learn different ways in which you can break out of your comfort zone. Book a trip across the globe, learn a new language or start a hobby.

Your choices may lead to further endeavors or regret, be proud of yourself for pushing past fear. Overcoming your anxiety will be extremely rewarding and well worth the risk. Let go of perfection and regret.


Failures don’t have to be a disappointment they can actually be a valuable lesson. You are more likely to be remorseful about missed opportunities. Don’t just wonder, take a risk!


Next time you find yourself hesitating, just go for it. 



Sophie Barker

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