Make-Up: Red Carpet Beauty

We take a look at some stunning hair and make-up from the Red Carpet at the 2011 Academy Awards.


Natalie Portman

Like her role in Black Swan, Natalie Portman’s make-up is a perfect combination of light and dark. Her sultry smoky eyes are balanced out by her peachy lip gloss and a touch of blusher. Her wispy hair-style also softens her striking features. Absolutely stunning!


Scarlett Johansson

Usually we see Scarlett mirroring Marilyn Monroe with white-blonde hair and bright red lips, but this time the star has focused on her eyes. The fiery orange adds some spark to her grey-blue eyes and looks fantastic with her pale complexion. The hair also adds to this feisty look and the length is a perfect match for her oval face.


Reese Witherspoon

Natural, fresh and bright-eyed, Reese looks absolutely radiant in this photo. With little lip gloss and simple eye make-up, Reese shows how less can definitely be more. Her gorgeous smile and flawless skin shine without all the extra make-up, and her green earrings bring some colour to the look. I also love her hair – big, bold and beautiful!



Jess O'Connor

A self-described ‘creative bookworm with an overactive imagination’, Jess is a freelance writer based in Auckland. She loves reading, writing, travelling, cooking and lazy days at the beach.