Kimberley’s Blog: Weekend of fun

Hey team,

Hope you had a great weekend and gearing up for a good week ahead.

My weekend was pretty epic, it really felt like summer had arrived in LA. I live in Huntington Beach which is down the coast a bit and it was so cool to be out and about, on the beach and feel the excitement that comes with great weather. Street performers, surfers, kites and hundreds of people flocking to the beach. Check out my photo, it might set the scene a little better.

Katie and I went to see the 50 Shades of Grey musical in LA on Friday night. It was one of the most hilarious shows I have ever seen. We actually knew some of the cast which was a pleasant surprise. One of our favourite shows in Edinburgh last year at the Fringe Festival was a musical improv group called Baby Wants Candy, and some of the cast from that show were in the 50 Shades cast, so that was pretty cool. If you do get a chance to see the show, if it tours NZ or happens to be in a city you are visiting, it is worth a watch. I was expecting something perhaps a little more risqué, so my expectations were exceeded when I found myself in fits of laughter so often.

I spent some time with my good friends Sammy and Raquelle too. I feel very blessed to have so many wonderful friends in this city it definitely makes me feel more settled and happy. I remember when I first moved out to LA I would get so home sick. I still miss home every day, but having a good community of people around me here has helped me so much.

I am so excited for you to see both Step Dave and Cadbury Dream Factory this week. In Step Dave, Stacey crosses a few lines and finds herself literately moving in to Dave’s room, to which he knows nothing about and she slaps someone in public. I look forward to hearing all your reactions from the episode, I think it is comedy gold so hope you do too. And on Dream Factory this week it is all about romance, and secrets, this was one of my favourite stories by far and think it will be for you too!


Have a wonderful week team.

Kimberley xx



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