Eat your way to a happier you!

While it is important to eat healthily, I also believe it is essential to eat happily – in other words, to enjoy the experience of eating and choose foods that make you feel great!

That’s not to say you should gorge yourself on milk chocolate all day long. It’s more about learning which foods help you feel healthy, happy and strong, and which foods have the opposite effect.

For example, I feel bloated and tired if I eat too many refined carbohydrates such as white bread, pasta and rice, whereas I feel great if I include plenty of fresh vegetables in my diet.

That said, I can also feel frustrated and annoyed if I deprive myself of some of the treat foods I love, such as chocolate!

The ‘happy eating’ experience is different for everyone, but here are some general tips!



Many people eat food quickly while on the go or in front of the computer. This can lead to people feeling unsatisfied and full even if they have eaten a decent meal.

Next time you eat, try to enjoy the experience and focus on the food on your plate. Appreciate the flavours and celebrate the joy of eating.


Health and happiness are closely linked. Our brain needs good, healthy food just as much as our body does. So be sure to eat foods that help you feel strong and healthy. You can’t go wrong with plenty of fruits and vegetables.


If you love food, then try not to deprive yourself of your favourite meals just because they are ‘naughty’. Instead, limit your portion sizes and intake. If you absolutely love butter chicken, try to save this for a once a month treat. Or if you can’t go a day without a sweet treat, enjoy a piece of dark chocolate after dinner with a green tea.

What foods make you feel happy and healthy? Share your favourites below!



Jess O'Connor

A self-described ‘creative bookworm with an overactive imagination’, Jess is a freelance writer based in Auckland. She loves reading, writing, travelling, cooking and lazy days at the beach.