Beauty: Tricks Every Girl Should Know

Ran out of nail polish remover? Use perfume? We have some amazing secrets that are sure to solve all of your beauty dilemmas!


Taming flyaways have never been easier; all you will need is hair spray and a toothbrush. Spray the bristles with hairspray and proceed to brush any flyaways back. Since the bristles are so close together they make it easier for any stray hairs to blend in with the rest of your hair.


When your eyeliner runs out an angled brush and mascara will do the trick. Choose your mascara and gently place some product on the back of your hand. Using an angled brush, apply the mascara to your lip as you would when applying a liner. Wait for the product to dry, you’ll never know the difference!


If you are prone to getting chapped lips, try this easy technique.

Apply a balm (and a bit of brown sugar) over your lips; start exfoliating the dead skin with a toothbrush. Brush in circular motions and then reapply your balm to soothe your lips.


When we are in a rush we sometimes neglect our nails, unfortunately chipped black polish isn’t the best way to make an impression. I swear it’s always nail polish remover and bobby pins that are continuously disappearing in my household; luckily there is a solution. Choose a perfume and spray a cotton ball until it’s soaked, proceed to wipe the nail polish away.


As well as hydrating your skin, Aloe Vera gel makes a great substitute for primer. The product minimises pores and works to smoothes the skin’s surface. Aloe Vera gel will keep your make up looking fresh and will stand the test of time.



Sophie Barker

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