Beauty: Tired Eyes

Here are a few amazing products to give you brighter eyes!

L’OREAL LUMI MAGIQUE HIGHLIGHTER PEN is an amazing under eye concealer that brightens and lightens the eye! I wear mine over my foundation to hide dark circles or with my tinted moisturiser for a more natural day look.


I love this product for when I’m feeling and looking a bit tired, I put it on in the morning and then take it with me in my handbag if I need a quick top up. Wind up the bottom and apply under the eye area then use your finger to blend. When you first use it you will need to wind for 5-10 seconds until the product comes through the tip.

Tip Alert: Because this product has a brush end, like a normal makeup brush, you need to ensure it is cleaned regularly to prevent the spread of bacteria. I wash my brushes with shampoo in the basin at least once a month.


The L’Oreal Lumi Magique Highlighter Pen Comes in Light, Medium and Dark. RRP $30.99


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