Uganda with World Vision for #1000 Girls

Meet Jackline our 11-year-old sponsor child from Uganda. 

I get that there might be trepidation when it comes to  child sponsorship and wanting to be sure that your money is actually going to get there and  make a positive impact on your sponsor child’s life. 

We know that Jackline has someone checking in on her regularly, that she has access to education and health care and has someone locally who can advocate for her. She wants to be a Doctor and Tom and I will do everything we can to support her through World Vision. What’s more our sponsorship is also supporting Jackline’s wider community as it helps fund things that everyone can benefit from, like clean water, nutrition and economic opportunities. Creating a thriving community will ensure that Jackline has more opportunities, and I think it’s pretty cool that we’re not only helping her, but those closest to her too.

There is such a great need for child sponsorship for girls! 

Join us to achieve our goal of sponsoring #1000Girls by International Day of the Women on March 8th. Rise up for her rights! 🙌  

Text DONATE to 5055 to give $3 now or visit #1000girls 



Kimberley Crossman

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