The Importance Of Having A Space You Love

2019 has been more nomadic for me than usual. I am super appreciative that I get to bounce around for work but it certainly takes its toll. The end of August has marked 8 months and 27 long flights between New Zealand, Australia, LA, India and New York. The travelling can take a bit of a toll but I have learnt a few helpful tips to try to help with jetlag, focus and not feeling so ‘flighty’

– Unpack your suitcase as soon as you arrive in a new city

– Drink lots of water

– make your space special and one that reflects being cozy and safe

– take time to tick off your to do list early in the day so you can avoid de-railling when more tasks are put on your plate

Most of these were achievable for me, except having a space that I love that makes me feel relaxed rather than stressed. I have been lucky enough to work a lot more in New Zealand this year filming GOLDEN BOY so creating a space that felt more comfortable and cozy was a goal for me.

Before …
Before …

I had been watching a lot of THE BLOCK NZ on THREE and loved it when they went in to Città. So, I had a look at their site and a chat with their team, and found they offer a cool service where you can consult over email if you don’t have time to pop in to a store and work with one of the stylists in person or have a stylist come to your home. This process was super fun and simple. I took some photos of my room, told them I love the colour dusty pink and that I wasn’t super sure on what I liked style wise but that I did know I wanted my room to feel cozy and relaxing and warm and not too cluttered. Since I was bouncing back and forth a lot between countries, this process meant I could chat to one of the stylists over email and she created a look that I loved. When I landed back in NZ I went in store to see and touch some of the items we had picked out and I fell in love. One of the coolest things was finding out that Città is not only a New Zealand company but all the designers are Auckland based as well! Go Kiwis!

The delivery process was super simple and I even had some help hanging the print above my bed as strength and making things straight is not my talent haha.

After …

I love my new space and in the past few weeks I have noticed a huge difference in my mood and joy having such a sanctuary to come home too. The dogs and cat are also huge fans! My goal this year has been to ‘be where my feet are’both physically and mentally and having this simple change of a tidy, stylish and nice place to come home to every day has helped me be more present

If you are looking to re-design your space I can not recommend Città and the Città team more. Here is a link to their new line if you want to check out some of their new season items! :

Or if you’re into booking a style consult:


Kimberley Crossman

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