Pretty Depressed

I am so stoked that I can finally share the first few episodes of my PRETTY DEPRESSED podcast with you. I’ll be releasing a new episode every week.

After being diagnosed with depression last year I was pretty confused. The confusion highlighted my real lack of knowledge around mental health and how depression isn’t in any way uniform.

My goal for this podcast was to talk to people I admire and deep dive in to their own journeys with mental health, addiction, medicating, alternative therapy and gather tools that I could apply to my own situation. After recording a few episodes I knew it would be irresponsible not to share these chats because I personally gained so much from them.

Hopefully as a listener, if you either suffer from a mental illness and feel less alone, you know some one with a mental illness and will be a better friend to them or you are an evolved human who knows leaning more will equip you with tools to be a better support person … or perhaps you just want to be super entertained by my amazing guests which is guaranteed!

Please give it a listen! 

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Kimberley Crossman

Kimberley Crossman is a kiwi actress, author, and presenter. Oh and you are currently on her website reading a blog she has written.