Our Top 5 Documentaries to Watch … NOW


It’s getting closer to Winter which means spending the cold nights indoors in front of your screen and you’ll need some cool films to feast your eyes on.

Check out our Top 5 Documentaries to Watch…

  1. Tickled
    This New Zealand-created documentary is sure to tickle your fancy and interest – yes, an international tickling competition is a real thing. When you’re a journalist, you are bound to find some interesting things as kiwi director David Farrier quickly found out alongside fellow NZer Dylan Reeve. Despite coming up against some fiery resistance, David delve deeper and found a world people needed to see.

    2. 6 Days to Air – South Park
    Ever wondered what goes in behind the scenes of your favourite animated series? This South Park documentary fills that void – showcasing the work that goes into making an episode, in just six days. Watch along with Executive Producers Matt Stone and Trey Parker as they embark from an opening night of a musical project they were working on, to their fifteenth season of the hugely popular show. You can catch this flick on Netflix now.

    3. McLaren

The director of the World’s Fastest Indian brings you a great NZ documentary of sports car hero, Bruce McLaren. The inspirational story takes you through the journey of Bruce who created an empire, based out of his shed. Watch as his tenacity, endless passion and pioneering spirit shows the world that with a humble beginning and a lot of hard work, anything is possible. McLaren is without a doubt, a motor racing icon. McLaren is in cinemas now.

4. Life is But a Dream – Beyonce
Grammy-award winning songstress Beyonce, delights fans and general music lovers alike with this documentary. Life is But a Dream, is a film in Beyonce’s own words, a look into her life and the real music world that surrounds her. When it originally debuted on HBO, it broke records for ratings, having 1.8 billion viewers tune in to see the superstar’s story – and for good reason, Beyonce is an exceptional talent and this documentary is a must-watch.

5. Man on Wire
The top rated documentary on Rotten Tomatoes doesn’t disappoint, follow the raw story of tightrope walker Philippe Petit’s in Man On Wire. Want to view a film that will keep you on the edge of your seat, literally? Watch how the British daredevil gets himself involved in an illegal, high-wire routine between the twin towers in New York City. Some even call it “the artistic crime of the century.”