Career Profile: Donielle Brooke

Introducing, kiwi beauty Donielle Brooke who loves fashion – in fact, she’s the founder and creative director of the amazing start-up website, Designer Wardrobes.

She’s an inspirational lady started the awesome company after dealing with cancer. We spoke to Donielle about running a hugely successful website (hint: it’s a lot of hard work!), the challenges and her favourite designers.


You founded Designer Wardrobe after you had to sell most of your designer clothes after dealing with cancer. What motivated you to create the website?  

I have a vision for DW that is bigger than it is, even today. When my health was back on track and the Facebook group had got up to 14,000 members, I knew it was time to start my journey with this as DW had outgrown Facebook as it isn’t the right platform for it.

Whats your favourite designer item and why? 

At the moment my favourite designer item is my vintage Moschino jeans, I noticed Kendall Jenner wearing vintage Versace printed denim jeans and they reminded me of the ones hanging in Mum’s wardrobe that she use to wear when she was my age, so she gifted them to me! Love it when fashion comes around like that!

Whos your fave designer? 

That is just far too hard to pick ha ha, I have my favourite brands for different reasons. Ruby has always had my heart, I’ve loved buying their beautiful outfits since I got my first full-time job!
Trelise Cooper is my go-to when it comes to amazing jackets, Zimmermann is my fave for summer clothing.

If you could choose to live in one outfit for the rest of your life, what clothing pieces would it involve? 

Pretty top, Jeans, Jacket, Sneakers.

What does your daily schedule involve? 

DW comes first as soon as I’m up. Once I’ve got the urgent stuff out of the way I go for a walk through our local bush or around the beach. Once I’m home I do some more DW duties, get ready, grab a coffee and head into the office to see the team. Following that I normally have meetings to attend and then I will work on whatever I am focusing on with DW. After work I always get straight home and have dinner with my flatmates where I zen out, check in with DW, watch a movie and meditate so I can switch off!

What are some challenges in your position? 

Deep down I am shy, When I first started DW I found meetings and presentations about DW so challenging I felt like passing out! Finally I no matter what amazing human I am talking to that is getting a lot easier!

What are the best perks? 

The best perk I get is I am making my dream come true by working on my creation every day!

What about the hardest part?

I guess at the moment the hard part was raising investment and making sure we grow DW while this was happening!

Whats your favourite quote/motto? 

One of my best friends Holly shared this on her Instagram and It has stuck with me since:

“Just get up every morning and remind yourself ‘I can do this’ no matter what the barrier is.”

Best advice youve ever been given? 

I have been given so much amazing advice from my parents during my life, that shapes my values as a person.  What sticks out is to put family and yourself first. I do this by keep growing as a person and challenging myself and with that, I can love my friends and family so much.

Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years? 

Living a life I love because I have created it from hard work and passion… most importantly feeling happy, healthy and in love! Without those nothing else matters!



Join Donielle’s website now – A place where you can rent, sell and buy beautiful designer pieces, with 100,000 other members!