Motivate Me : De-stressing in Ten Steps or Less

De-stressing in Ten Steps or Less

Life is always busy and presents it’s own challenges every day which may be very stressful.

Check out our top ten tips to help you de-stress…

1. Listening to music

Music is a fantastic tool where you can find a song (or even an album) that will make you feel at peace. Head on to Spotify or Apple Music and create a playlist for every time you’re feeling a little stressed and just need some time with your favourite tunes.


2. Take a bath
Put aside some time to have a bath – create some me time, catch-up on a programme that you’ve missed or put on some tranquil sounds if you want to completely be at ease. Treat yourself to a nice bath bomb from Lush or some scented candles and just zone out for a while.


This is an activity you can do by yourself or with friends who are needing the same experience. Head along to a yoga class or YouTube some how-to videos at home to create the ultimate space – total zen! 


4. Have a early night 

Grab your comfy PJs, some hot chocolate and chill with a nice book before hitting the hay earlier than usual so you wake up nice and refreshed and less stressed!

5. Girls night!

Having a stressful day and worrying about the next? No day should end in sadness, rally your girlfriends around, drink and eat some of your favourite snacks, do your nails & face masks and put on an ultimate chick flick (Mean Girls perhaps?). You’ll be feeling better in no time.


6. Animals
I’m not sure what it is but animals always put a smile on my dial even when I’m in a stressful situation – that love and attention they give, there’s nothing like it!

7. A good cardio workout!
I was never a huge cardio workout advocate but once my friends started nagging me on to come for walks and workouts, I realised that’s what my stress levels had been needing all along – it was like a breath of fresh air (literally)!


8. Baking your fave treats
Whether you bake from scratch or prefer to trust ol’ Betty Crocker’s recipes – baking a sweet treat for your family and friends will have you focused on that and it’s yummy end product in no sweat.

9. Watch the sunset
I love heading up some of the mountains we’ve got here in Auckland and watching the sunset – some of them are a bit of a hike but it’s so worth it and I feel so much better afterwards. Plus seeing the sunset across a city landscape is magical.

10. Browse the internet
The internet is a wild and wonderful place – just don’t get sucked in! Head over to YouTube to watch some funny cat videos or check out a new show on Netflix, you’ll be laughing and too intrigued to remember what you were so stressed about!