Motivate Me : 5 Steps to Becoming a Morning Person

Being a morning person is not everyone’s cup of tea but to make the most out of every day and to accomplish all of your hopes and dreams, it’s important to grow into a morning person and seize the day!


1. Create a Morning routine

It’s much easier to accomplish the task ahead if you’ve already planned it. What is it you are required to complete first thing in the morning and how much time are you able to allocate yourself? Figuring these out is the first hurdle that will then help you into putting together a morning routine that is going to be easy to stick to. Getting yourself into a routine will greatly help your stress levels and making sure you’re not late if it’s the same schedule every morning.

2. Creating motivation

It’s not a simple task getting up early in the morning, especially on those freezing early starts in Winter. When you set yourself a goal or reasoning behind something you may not intentionally like to do but have to complete, it becomes easier to achieve. Get your friends around and create an inspiration board that you can put up near your bed to remind you why you’re going to jump out of bed every morning!


3. Eating a good nutritious breakfast
You always hear people saying, ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ and it’s time to start believing them. This meal is responsible for kick-starting your day and has got to be the brain food your body needs to function properly to tackle whatever challenges the day presents. We’re all guilty of running late and not grabbing breakfast – try implementing a superfood smoothie into your morning schedule if you would rather the get-up-and-go option.


4. Making sure you get your full beauty sleep
Getting your full ‘beauty sleep’ is so important – you need to dedicate those seven to eight hours a night to help your body staying happy and healthy. Scientifically sleep is a needed function that allows your brain to signal to your body to release hormones and compounds that deal with retaining memory, maintaining your immune system, decrease risk of health conditions and manage your hunger levels so set a date each night with your bed, stat!


5. Creating a before-bed routine

Very similar to our first step, this time you’re creating a before-bed routine so that you can make sure you’re fit and healthy to conquer the following day’s challenges. This will include a time where you put your phone/electronic devices away (turn on do not disturb), set your alarm and again – make sure you’re getting those full hours of sleep that your body needs.

Here’s to a happier and more positive you in 2017 – we’re all in this together, go and get it!