Mastering NZ MIQ

Since I have done MIQ a few times now, I thought I would compile a few key tips as many of you will have family coming back to NZ for Summer or perhaps are coming through MIQ yourself in the coming months. 

Move your furniture around. This will be your space for the two weeks and you might want to move your bed over a bit to make more room for activities or move a desk to work facing a window etc. 

Ethernet Cable – If you need to get online and work during your stay in MIQ, wifi is available but sometimes it can be a bit unstable due to everyone being in their rooms. Pack an ethernet cable so you can hardwire a laptop if needed. 

Make an order from Countdown online or another food delivery service to bring you some key essentials to make a world of difference in your room.

My key items would be:

  • Salt and Pepper
  • Hot Sauce
  • Spray and Wipe
  • Cloth
  • Coffee
  • Milk
  • Bananas or fruit
  • Peanut butter
  • Crackers and Cheese
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Sunlight soap for washing delicates 

*when ordering anything online to your MIQ hotel be sure to add your room number to the notes 

Rent a bike from Rutherford Fitness. This past time in MIQ I got a spin bike in my room and it made a world of difference. I had never even been on a spin bike prior to this but having a way to move my body so I don’t feel like a stagnant human for 14days made my experience far more enjoyable. It was also very affordable and they were great to communicate with!

Try to set a routine around your meal times to make the days go faster. The food in my experiences has been great. There were a couple of nights I decided to treat myself and ordered wine from the hotel and uber eats as a sort of celebration for each 5 days that went by! 

Get visits or facetime your friends of family when you can. It breaks up the days and gives you something to look forward to. 

I found each time, the first 4 days are the slowest. Then you sort of get in to the groove a bit, you feel more settled and have your bearings of how things operate. 

I hope this is helpful – any other questions always feel free to reach out on social.

Much love 




Kimberley Crossman

Kimberley Crossman is a kiwi actress, author, and presenter. Oh and you are currently on her website reading a blog she has written.