Martin Garrix’s night in Auckland with Vodafone

Vodafone Mates bought together hundreds of Martin Garrix’s biggest fans this month for an exclusive night with the global DJ superstar.


Auckland’s The Studio transformed into a haven with the chance to get amongst the photo wall plus plenty of space to party on either of the two levels. The showcase started with local DJ’s Sweet Mix Kids and George FM’s Dan Aux warming up the crowd.

Martin took the stage just after 9pm, this was the night before Justin Bieber’s Auckland show – the last on this side of the hemisphere and Garrix was hyped! He looked happy to be back in New Zealand, which was later confirmed when he told the crowd he “had missed them.”

Everyone’s seen the local DJ’s in the clubs but nothing can really prepare you to witnessing a very talented 20-year-old in his absolute element – Garrix pumped out tune after tune

It’s not every Friday night that you got to be in the presence of a global DJ like Garrix, in fact he’d only been here once before two years ago so I was excited to see what he bought to the table this time around, and how he would adjust to a smaller venue (he’d been playing to outdoor stadiums on the Purpose Tour in Australia for the past two weeks).

Any doubts I had about seeing Garrix in a smaller venue washed away when it was obvious he was going to put on a full show – and that he did. For over an hour, Martin had the crowd jumping, screaming and just generally having a good time as his tunes proved to be a real hit.


Fresh off the back of his success of new track, Scared to Be Lonely with Dua Lipa, Martin’s private showcase with Vodafone Mates did not disappoint – in fact, I wouldn’t object to it as a starter to every Friday night.