Kimberley’s Blog: Train like an athlete

Hey team,

Hope you have had a good week and are enjoying your weekend.

I have my very first stand up show this week and a few exciting auditions that I’m preparing for. I am a bit nervous about both the auditions and my show, I want to do well and each will stretch me in different ways. I am trying to be open to as many opportunities as I can to grow and enhance my skill set as an artist and I think this coming week will be one to remember. Definitely living outside the comfort zone, which is thrilling, scary and addictive.

I mentioned last week about feeling a bit like I was treading water. It was interesting to know that a lot of you have been feeling the same way. It seems many people are going through a period of change within themselves with friends, family and career. I can offer this in advice, don’t fight change, it can be stressful, take care of yourself, get enough sleep, eat well and then you will be able to tackle anything that comes at you with a sound mind.

I have been so hungry to learn this month and I have really been enjoying all my acting classes. I’ve been taking tokens to apply to my craft and in many aspects of my life. My acting coach gave some great advice recently – train like an athlete. That has been my mantra this past month and I’m loving it.


Have a great weekend team.

Kimberley xx



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