2 minutes with: Jamie McDell

We catch up with Jamie about all things food, exercise and wellbeing.

What’s your favourite healthy and delicious food?

I make a really beautiful summer fruits fruit salad, got to be my favourite. Sweet tooth!

Do you have a favourite way to exercise?

I love getting outdoors and doing activities, particularly surfing and climbing up mountains. Anything to do with the ocean gets me excited about exercise.

What makes you most happy?

Being by the sea with my friends and family. Simple but incredibly beautiful, a great way to put things into perspective.

For you, what is ‘general wellbeing’?

Balance is the key and doing things because you want to do it for you not because of someone else. If you want to go for a run, do it because you want to be stronger but not because you want to impress anyone. Its all about being the best version of you.

A quote you live by is?

“Respect the opinions of only those you respect.”



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