Kimberley’s Blog – 5 ways I celebrated being (kind of) American for the 4th of July

5 ways I celebrated being (kind of) American for the 4th of July

Most of you are probably aware of my stance on the current political climate in America, and if not, let me fill you in. I think Donald Trump is a joke and an embarrassment, as is his entire administration. So, when thinking about July 4th this year, I was very unenthused and hesitant to ‘celebrate’ as it felt like a curious time to celebrate being a recent green card holder and part time American.


Trump aside, there are so many amazing things about this country and its people and the opportunities it has provided me, I decided that I would focus on that. An opinion that so many of us have had to adopt in this current climate, where almost every day it seems we are shocked by the CNN news pop ups on our laptops about what craziness has occurred or is occurring.

In an intentional effort to focus on the good, here are the 5 things I did to celebrate my July 4th that were very American and very awesome!


I went to a country music concert / car show and danced the night away listening to Dan and Shay and drinking beer out of a can!


I went to Malibu and went paddle boarding and chased dolphins!


I dressed up in Stars and Stripes and attended a house party and BBQ (or Grill as they call it here) and drank out of red solo cups like in the movies.


I helped someone do a funnel (or beer bong as they call it) and we played slip and slide flip cup!


I purchased a straw hat and wore it all weekend and ate pizza three times in two days!





Kimberley Crossman

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