June 2024 Favourites

Hey June (to the tune of Hey Jude by The Beatles)! This month we share The Girls Uninterrupted podcast, Dai Henwood’s new book, Snack Masters is back to tantalize your taste buds and more! 

What to listen to: The Girls Uninterrupted 
This podcast is likely already on your radar but I wanted to highlight it as the what to listen to pick of the month! The Girls Uninterrupted is hosted by three kiwi gals, all coming from different backgrounds, having honest chats about their life and what’s going on around them. It’s like having a new friend in your ear – having one of those great ol’ chinwags. Join Brodie, Caitlin and Gracie (currently Tegan from Mai FM while Gracie is on mat leave!) for weekly catch ups, wherever you listen to your podcasts. Image: The Girls Uninterrupted 

What to read: The Life of Dai by Dai Henwood
It’s boomtime! (A Dai on Taskmaster NZ reference, if you don’t get it – I highly recommend a watch!) This week, NZ comedian, entertainer and TV host Dai Henwood is releasing his memoir, The Life of Dai. He’s been in the comedy space for over 25 years and has made a lot of people laugh over that time, he’s also faced his fair share of challenges throughout his journey. Jaquie Brown describes the book as ‘part memoir and part masterclass in finding hope and joy in the face of unthinkable challenges. This isn’t a book about cancer, it’s a book about living’. Image: Dai Henwood 

What to watch: Snack Masters
It has been just over two years since the first season’s premiere, and now we have been blessed with a second series of Snack Masters! Hosted by Tom Sainsbury and our very own, Kim Crossman, the show (check out the first season as well if you haven’t already!) challenges talented chefs to tackle iconic kiwi snacks and make it their own from scratch. Burger King’s Whopper burger and Nestle’s KitKat are just a few of the foods this season – check it out on TVNZ+, new episodes drop on Thursdays. Image: TVNZ

What to eat: GF carrot cupcakes 
If you haven’t managed to catch on in some of the previous Faves, I’m gluten free (not by choice haha), so I enjoy finding gluten free recipes that I can share with others! This one my Aunty sent on to me (it’s from Fresh Choice originally) and I made these for work as part of a charity morning tea baking challenge. The recipe calls for sultanas – if you’re not a fan of those you could add something similar or I ended up adding a bit more carrot! They can be used as muffins or you can also take a leaf out of my Aunty’s book and add cream cheese icing to them. Yum! Recipe: https://www.freshchoice.co.nz/recipes/gluten-free-carrot-cake-muffins/

Who to follow: Cats Doing Things
Funny animal videos coming up on my ‘for you’ page always brighten my day – they’re so cute and fluffy and funny at the same time!? Here’s another one of those accounts dedicated to this furry fun for you to check out – @catsdoingthings. The word on the street is it’s ‘rated #1 Instagram page by every single cat’ – sounds legit to me!



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