Get Inspired : Our Top 5 TED Talks

TED Conferences are known for their inspirational speakers from all realms of the world, speaking on topics that mean something! We’ve chosen a couple of our favourites…

Ashley Graham
Ashley’s no stranger to motivational speaking – this talk is no different, the activist is loud and proud about females and body image. ‘Plus Size? More Like My Size’ follows Ashley as we delve into the challenges she’s faced in the industry and leading the way by embracing an international body diversity change.

Shonda Rhimes
While she’s known for her day as the force behind Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How To Get Away with Murder, we bet you didn’t know she spent a year saying yes to everything. Listen to her move the crowd talking about saying ‘yes’ and how the ‘titan’ inside of her lost her ‘hum’.

Shane Koyczan
Shane bravely talks about his childhood and how bullying really affected him growing up. His talk, titled “To This Day” is dedicated to people who were ‘bullied and beautiful.’ Shane is a poet (and yes, he did know it), you may have seen his viral video but now you can hear Shane talk more about his backstory.

Tim Urban
Are you a bit of a procrastinator? I think in reality, we’ve all been there! Tim, utilising creative funny visuals takes the audience through an insightful look into his life, involving a monkey – yes he likens his procrastination to a monkey. This 14 minute talk will leave you thinking…

Laura Vanderkam
Do you ever feel like you have ‘spare time’ but can never fit anything in to your leisure time? Laura, who is a self-claimed time management expert although does admit she herself sometimes isn’t on time, talks through utilising your time wisely. When life itself is short, it’s important to find balance and make sure you’re making the most of the time you have!

Do you have a favourite TED Talk or inspirational speaker? Share in the comments below