Finding inspiration – The 5 things I am loving most right now!

Finding inspiration

I am a curious person by nature and I have a passion for learning. I wanted to share a few things that have been inspiring me in the past few weeks. Not just in the comedy world, but in general. I know we live in an age of content over load so I really love it when someone can personally recommend something to me.

  • Improvised Shakespeare Company

These guys will blow your mind. They take an idea from the audience and then spend the next 1 – 2 hours improvising that show  in Iambic pentameter

This was both mind blowing and hilarious! A must see!

  • The Writers Panel – Pod Cast

I have been listening to this weekly podcast for a few months now. I love it. I love hearing about how people broke in to the industry or got their start.

  • Stuff You Should Know – Pod Cast

I realize I am very late to the game on this one. But I love having a rolodex of random facts to pull on at any point and these guys have such a great chemistry and vocabulary it’s a really lovely listening experience.

  • Rick and Morty

If you are not already watching this, you need too. Never have I been so obsessed with a show and all aspects of it. The observations that are made are so poignant and brilliant and whackadoo at the same time!

  • The Opposition

I am a big fan of all the good late night shows and for the most part they are where I get a lot of my current events from. The Opposition is a great new take on the typical late night format. I am a huge Jordan Klepper fan and I am really enjoying his observations.




Kimberley Crossman

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