February Favourites

Well… February took a bit of a turn – that orange light was a bit short lived wasn’t it! It’s important to take things at a slower pace if you need to and breaks are important and totally OK, however they look to you! 

This month we round up new music from L.A-based kiwi Thomston, a new book around Britney Spears journey, Kirsten Stewart as Princess Diana and new tunes for your playlist! 

Music: Thomston
Los Angeles based Kiwi musician Thomston has just released his much-anticipated album Crushed, it features songs Jpa989April and Magnolia (with Zeph) – Honeymoon is definitely one of my favourite tunes. The 13-track record is filled with stories that were recorded all over the world, Thomston posted “Crushed is the best and worst of my last 6 years. The canon-fire infatuation and the injured limp to the finish line, it’s really honest… I hope this album stays with you. I hope you revisit it from time to time, see how it changes.” Crushed is available now to purchase and stream online, a good time to support this incredible local talent. Image @thomston

Book: Being Britney – Pieces of a Modern Icon
I’ve made it a goal of mine for 2022 to switch off more from online and read more books – one of the books I’ve read in the past month is pop culture writer Jennifer Otter Bickerdike’s new book Being Britney. The book focuses around multiple focal points in Britney’s journey and reflects on society and fan experiences. I gravitated towards this book because I grew up as a Britney Spears fan and was interested what the Pieces of a Modern Icon publication would talk about. I read this before I saw Britney’s online comments about the stories in her own sister’s new book so I’m not going to pretend I know what she may think of this book but it was an interesting take and a good read for a Britney fan. Image Allen & Unwin

Film: Spencer
After premiering at overseas film festivals, Spencer  the new film about Princess Diana is out in cinemas. Director Pablo Larrain brings this bit of history to life with Kirsten Stewart as Diana at the helm. I was lucky enough to head along to the New Zealand premiere recently and found the film to be intriguing while heartbreaking – exposing some things I didn’t even know about Diana’s life (I believe even if you did it’s a great watch). Kirsten is also fantastic as the Princess alongside a British cast who bring Spencer alive on the big screen. Image @spencerfilmuk 

Playlist: I’ve been listening to… 
* Don’t Wake Me Up by Why Don’t We & Jonas Blue 
* Oh My God by Adele 
* Honeymoon by Thomston  
* Fingers Crossed by Lauren Spencer-Smith 
* Love It When You Hate Me by Avril Lavigne ft. blackbear 
* Crazy by Drax Project 
* High by The Chainsmokers
* Sunshine by OneRepublic 
* Light Switch by Charlie Puth
* Sweet Talker by Years & Years + Galantis 
* It’ll Be Okay by Shawn Mendes
* Message In a Bottle (Fat Max G Remix) by Taylor Swift 
* People Watching by Conan Grey 
* SMALL TOWN by James Johnston
* Wandered to LA by Juice WRLD & Justin Bieber 
* Nice to Meet You by Cody Simpson
* Young 4eva by Kings 
* When I’m Gone by Alesso & Katy Perry 

Quote: @momentaryhappiness
I believe it’s totally normal to go at your own pace, especially now with everything that is going on. I love this from @momentaryhappiness – “Hey. It’s okay if you’re moving slow, or taking a break entirely. It’s okay to pace yourself and take your time. Sometimes the only person putting pressure on a situation, is you. It’s okay to go a little easier on yourself. It’s okay to be human.”