Career Profile: Matthew Vaughn

Matthew Vaughan works as a  producer, director and writer on Comedy Central. Take a look at his Career Profile. 
Name: Matthew Vaughan
Job Title: Producer/Director/Writer
Company: Comedy Central

What does your job involve?

Depends on the day and the job.  Usually in pre-production my day will involve a lot of crunching numbers to get things to fall within the budget  we’re dealing with.  Once that’s figured out I start to put together the crew, equipment, and locations we’re going to use for the shoot.  Overtime you develop your go to department heads that you enjoy working with.  This usually includes the cinematographer, set designer, wardrobe stylist, makeup artist, etc..  A lot goes into getting the proper permits and insurance needed.  My days in pre-production are spent sending emails and making calls.  I enjoy this to some degree because I’ve developed a lot of great relationships and it’s fun to try and wheel and deal and it really is the foundation that you’re laying for when you go into production.
Being in production is definitely my favorite part of the process.  I love the energy you experience on set and watching things come together that you’ve only been able to imagine up to this point.
To be a good producer you’ve got to be an amazing problem solver.  I’ve learned that you’re always going to have problems and hiccups on any shoot.  Knowing how to resolve these problems without breaking the bank is an art.
How did you land your job?
I’ve been working with Nicholaus Goossen (director of Grandmas Boy, The Shortcut, etc..) for the last few years.  He’s been not only a mentor but a close friend.  He landed a couple gigs over at Comedy Central and brought be along for the ride.  This is someone who demands the best and I’ve always admired that attitude.  He’ll settle for nothing less and that’s why his work is always spot on.
What are some of the challenges in your position? 
The biggest challenges I always face are budget concerns.  Everyone today always wants things for the lowest cost possible.  It’s figuring out how to make the very best for the least.  I also have a major issue with raiding the crafty table.  I snack a lot and being on set with crafty is always a problem.  I’m always eating so unhealthy while in production.  I’ve made it a point on my sets to always have a plethora of healthy options, but even still I find myself putting down bag after bag of lays potato chips.  The struggle is real.
What are the best perks about your job?
Getting to work with my idols and friends on a daily basis.  There is nothing better than getting to work with people you’ve looked up to and admired for years.  On top of that, there is nothing better than working with your friends and creating something that you can show the world.
What’s the hardest part?
A production coming to an end.  I feel like when you’re in production, that’s your life.  I always feel a little off after a show or shoot ends and I’m left with a bunch of free time.  It takes me a minute to get back to reality.
What subjects at schools would you recommend students take?
Communications.  A huge part of my job is developing relationships and dealing with people on all levels.  Film/Theater.  Be knowledgeable on the history of film and theatre.
Favourite quote? 
“Life is too short to make just one decision, Music’s too large for just one station, Love is too big for just one nation, and God is too big for just one religion.” – Michael Franti
Best advice you’ve ever been given?

Professional:  Never assume.  After enough mistakes based off assumption, I never assume anything anymore.

Personal:  “To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.” – Bob Marley

Any other advice for readers?

Never give up.  If you love it then do it.


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