Your guide to a great long weekend

Have you ever wondered about the history of weekends? Occasionally I’d let my mind wander and think about is. Who decided that weekends were only going to be two days every week? Who made the rule about school and work? Why couldn’t they have made it so that we had longer weekends and more time to rest and relax? I guess it’s one of those things we’ll never know. I mean, I can always research it but I only have a certain amount of weekend hours to do everything sooooo…

The long weekend is upon us and if you’re anything like me, you would have been counting down the hours until 5 pm today. There’s something about that extra day of freedom to do as we please. Be it catching up on chores, sleeping in, going out for brunch, or even sitting on the couch doing nothing. Whatever it is, this weekend is ours to enjoy!

Seeing as this is our last one in New Zealand until October (sobs!), here are some ideas to help you make the most of it.

NAP – Yeah, I put it in all caps. Yeah, I put it as the first on the list. Yeah, I plan on napping all weekend. I don’t know why we resisted napping in the day when we were kids – if only we knew then, huh?

Cook a hearty meal – perfect time to master that recipe you’ve been wanting to try but never had the time to do because cooking can take ages sometimes

Netflix and chill – Our pick? Always Be My Maybe that’s just come out on Netflix! Asian leads? Check! Rom com that’s laugh out loud funny? Check! Yummy food at the heart of the story? Check! Keanu Reeves in his best role yet (big call I know)? Check!

Build a fort – take your Netflix and chilling to the next level by building a fort. It’s the perfect cosy area to read a book and just relax. Do you remember the last time you actually built a fort? No? Then let this weekend change that!

Declutter – I know, I know. It doesn’t seem fair that I’m adding chores to that extra one day of freedom but hear me out. There are so many reasons to do a declutter! Not only is it good for clearing your head as well as your space, but getting rid of things you no longer want or need means there’s less tidying up to do in the future. And in some strange way, that’s kinda like having a longer weekend, right? Check out our top tips for tidying up here:

Happy long weekend! Take care and be safe on the roads. Enjoy!