Twenty Eighteen is Your Year!

Twenty Eighteen is Your Year!

Making this year the best year yet may be a task that is easier said than done but now that we’re recovering from the first week of the year – it’s time to kick from holiday mode into actioning your kick ass 2018 goals and plans.


Set Goals
Grab a diary (I love Kikki K’s range and Ruby’s 2018 edition), some colourful pens, snacks and have a goals session. You could even create a mini vision board detailing what you’d like to accomplish, where you would ideally like to see yourself in a years time and the motivation you’re going to utilise to achieve it all. Above that, remember to not put too much pressure on yourself and let your creativity and dreams run wild (sounds cheesy but promise it’s true!).

It’s important to reflect on the past year so that you are able to recognise all of the experiences and lessons you took with you along the way. Sure 2017 like any year would have had it’s highlights and lowlights but if you are able to accept the past and what it bought for you, you’ll move on to a better present. I use Kikki K’s Sentence a Day book which has thought provoking questions to answer each day for a year then repeat the process for the next two years – it’s crazy to see how much you’ve grown in just 365 days! I highly recommend it.

Make a List
I’m not talking your average daily/weekly to-do list – I’m talking ‘these are the things I want to kick butt at in 2k18’ type of list. Grab some pretty stationery (that you’ll want to look at again and again) and a sharpie because permanent markers mean serious business. I’ve met people who say they don’t want to plan things, they just want to live in the moment – which I’m all for but there’s something about having a list of things you want to tick off that can be a huge motivation kick. Worth a shot right?!

Challenge Yourself
Doesn’t it become boring and mundane to do the same thing, the same way forever and forever? Sometimes with life admin and chores this isn’t avoidable but push that aside and think about all of the things that are controllable in your life. It’s important to challenge yourself as that’s the only way you’ll make the experiences count and grow from them. Being able to conquer something is always a major inspiration boost for the future.

Treasure the People Around You
You may spend more time with a couple of your friends because they work with you, go to university with you or are just generally in your squad but remember to treasure all of those people around you who support you and vice versa. You may not stay in touch every day with the people that aren’t immediately in your circle but there’s always time to send a message, make a phone call or see them on FaceTime.

Remember to Have a Good Time
There’s no way around admitting that life’s rollercoaster can bring some serious high’s and some low low’s but in the end, it can swing either way by the way you handle things and the outlook that you have in the end. Smile at strangers walking past you in the street, volunteer for your local community/charity, spend more time laughing with your family and friends – anything that can make a positive impact will go a long way.

Wishing for you all that 2018 is your best year yet!