Travel Blog : My Top 5 Activities to do in Fiji




I recently spent ten days in Fiji with my family. We have been to Fiji a few times but this trip was pretty special in many ways. Not only were most of the family in attendance, we also had a lot to celebrate. My Sisters engagement and birthday and her partners birthday.


Although laying by the pool might be enough to keep most entertained and relaxed, we are a family who can’t sit still for too long and were very intentional about making memories this trip and trying new things.


Here is my top 5 activities to do in Fiji.


Eat seafood and lots of it.

The Bugs were phenomenal! If you haven’t tried them before and are a fan of lobster you will love Bugs! We ate a lot of burgers and fries but when we could we really went all out and ate some pretty fantastic seafood meals at tables set on the beach under the stars with the water just a few feet away. Pretty surreal and special and highly recommended.




Water slides at Denarau Island

The water park is a new addition to Denarau Island and although it is not exactly cheap, you can easily spend the entire day there and get your monies worth. It’s also not just fun for the little ones, I think my family were the last ones to leave as you couldn’t get us off the massive slides. You can also take inflatables down the big slides and ride doubles which makes for a lot of fun.




Zip Lining and Waterfall hike

 The hike is a little longer than we initially thought but well worth the walk. You trek 30 minutes in to the forest where you stop at a waterfall for a swim. Then head back out to the base where you eat lunch and can swim or zip line. Surprisingly most of our group opted to zip line even though many have a fear of heights. It was loads of fun and the 5 zip lines are of varying heights and lengths. The last one flying you right over the rest of our group which was pretty cool. This was a really fun family activity and also meant you get to drive through some of the other villages in Fiji on your way to the location.






Jet Ski Safari

This was 100% my favorite activity of the trip. There are a few different companies that do this. We found the best one was located next to the Radisson hotel. They had the newest jet skis and we actually stopped at an island to snorkel, paddleboard and play beach volleyball. It was an amazing ½ day activity and meant we got off the main land and explored some of the amazing islands on our jet skis. It felt like we were living in a Pinterest photo. The water was so clear and blue and warm. I could not recommend this more.







The snorkeling on the main island isn’t great. Take a day trip and get out to some of the surrounding islands to get that ‘real’ Fiji style experience. Something I had never done before was to take bread out with me to feed the fish. I would advise swimming with the bread above your head above the water surface and then breakoff small bits and hold it in your hand and the fish will come to you.




Considering it was only a three hour flight away, the weather and experience felt like we had travelled to a different world. I fell in love with Fiji and can’t wait to go back soon!








Kimberley Crossman

Kimberley Crossman is a kiwi actress, author, and presenter. Oh and you are currently on her website reading a blog she has written.