This June We Are Loving…

Happy sixth month of the year, yep it’s true – we’re half way to Christmas and the Winter season has officially kicked off!

Warm up with new Backstreet Boys tunes, laugh with Melissa McCarthy and dream of catching rays in Bali.

Music: Backstreet Boys
Backstreets Back…alright! First it was the Spice Girls’reuniting that had all of us 90’s kids internally screaming and now the Backstreet Boys have regrouped for a new single – Don’t Go Breaking My Heart. Too late guys, it’s been broken with your voices…(Sorry, that’s probably a little too cheesy!). When they’re not on a fomo-worthy cruise in the Bahamas with fans dressing up as Marvel heroes, these boys have their own Vegas residency which we all need to get to stat.

Travel: Bali
Indonesia’s Bali is a tourist hotspot. Who could resist the array of attractions including the Monkey Forest, luxe beaches, thriving nightlife, A+ food options and sightseeing galore with villages and volcanoes on the list. It’s currently Bali’s dry season while it’s pouring with rain in NZ so I’m definitely dreaming of this warm vacay spot.

Book: Simone Anderson – Journey to Health
Kiwi Simone Anderson has been inspiring her hundreds of thousands of Facebook and Instagram followers for years and now she’s put pen to paper to open up even more about her experiences. Simone gets into the nitty gritty of losing half her body weight and navigating a new way of living.
Journey to Healthis available from all good book stores and online now.

Film: Life of the Party
This film had me and my gal pals in fits of laughter! I love Melissa McCarthy, I think she’s a comedic actress genius and she doesn’t disappoint in her new flick, Life of the Party. What happens when your mother decides to go back to college at the same place as you? You would be correct in thinking embarrassment and chaos ensues. The movie also features former Disney star Debby Ryan, Maya Rudolph, Julie Bowen and one of the coolest cameos ever from Christina Aguilera.

Quote: Anon

“You need to understand that life isn’t what you’re given; it’s what you create, what you overcome, and what you achieve that makes it beautiful.”- Anon