Test Drive: FreeviewPlus

While I was home I wanted to test out FreeviewPlus. I love watching On Demand shows, especially iZombie starring Kiwi Rose McIver!

I’m a total TV lover, makes sense since I am an actor I guess; also two of the shows I have recently been in are available On Demand, Kevin From Work and Young & Hungry. I saw a lot of promo around Find Me A Maori Bride from Māori TV and that is at the top of my list of series I want to watch next.

I am great with technology on my phone, laptop etc. but struggle when it comes to TV’s. To my surprise, I was stoked at how easy it was to connect FreeViewPlus – with only two chords to connect, Wi-Fi to set up and then you are good to go. Genius! I also like how the FreeviewPlus box is so small. It isn’t invasive on your TV cabinet. Double tick there!

My parents like to have simple instructions when it comes to their TV viewing. To give you some perspective on how technology challenged my household, my mum just joined Facebook. Easy is key!

Favourites - FreeviewPlus

I set up a few shows under My Favorites and liked the simplicity of the search engine. I would recommend if you are searching and come across something you might be interested in, add it to My Favourites right away. I got carried away looking for something ‘perfect’ to watch and forgot to tag options and had to go back and look. Essentially make your favourites like your desired playlist. One very cool feature that I haven’t seen before is the guide that goes back in time too.

I like to think I don’t need reminders of what to watch or what is coming up… but life gets so busy sometimes you need a reminder. Whilst I thought this feature wouldn’t be used for me personally, I was pleased when it reminded me about the Brokenwood Mysteries season premiere, which is one series I was keen to view! Well played, FreeviewPlus! If you would like to find out more about FreeviewPlus visit their website.


On that note, thanks to my mates at FreeviewPlus I’ve got a FreeviewPlus box to give away. Comment below and tell me which television show you would automatically add to “My Favourites”. Entries close Sunday 22 November 2015. Good luck!



Kimberley Crossman

Kimberley Crossman is a kiwi actress, author, and presenter. Oh and you are currently on her website reading a blog she has written.

  1. I would add Shortland Street, iZombie and Heroes Reborn immediately and bound to be many others too. Glad u said its easy to hook up as I am a technophobe

  2. Hi, I would add “Shameless” on my recording list as it comes on way too late – it’s always hard to get up to go to work the following morning.

    P.S. connected by 2 cords, not chords (yours sounds musical, LOL).

  3. The DNA Detectives would be added to my favourites. Really interesting learning of New Zealanders heritages. Small world when you uncover the history and family links.

  4. I would put Funny Girls on straight away so that I could watch it whenever I needed a laugh and…. Shortland St my fave guilty pleasure